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The Coffee Guy is a mobile coffee franchise with locally owned and operated franchises right around the country from north to south. You’ll spot us around in mobile coffee vans, which are custom-fit with the finest Italian espresso hardware and finished in sleek stainless steel. The van can be self-sufficient, which means we can operate without access to power or water.

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Need great coffee on the move?

Stop at one of our drive-thru coffee outlets! We have drive-thrus right around New Zealand from north to south. The Coffee Guy drive-thru service is the ultimate in convenience. We’re located on various commuter routes with super easy access so you can pull in and grab a cup of your favourite brew without even getting out of your car. Our regular customers barely have to wait for their cuppa – once we know what you drink, we’ll get started once we see your car approaching.

Did we mention great coffee?

Our baristas are fully trained and we use freshly-roasted coffee beans and fresh milk.

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